Mystic Flower Salve Yoni Balm


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Mystic Flower Salve Yoni Balm
Mystic Flower Salve Yoni Balm

Mystic Flower salve makes for a happy yoni

Excellent for reducing inflammation, promoting healthy tissue regeneration and fast healing, moisturizing dry & chapped yoni skin.

Mystic Flower Salve is literally a tall glass of Alkaline water on your thirstiest day. 

 Mystic Flower Salve relieves itching, dryness, inflammation, and soreness – both by protecting damaged tissue and by speeding up your body’s own healing process.

Irritated / Angry vagina?  

No worries, we've got just the remedy to keep your Mystic Flower feeling refreshed & rejuvenated.

 Whether your discomfort was  caused by insufficient lubrication, physiological stress, childbirth, or a pelvic exam vaginal discomfort your pain is naturally eased and comforted with our Mystic Flower Salve.

*It’s also a great lubricant, both for intercourse (just don’t use it with latex!)*

 *Key Ingredients*

Neem: A powerful anti-fungal oil that balances the immense system and combats itch and discharge created by infection.

Chamomile: Helps alleviate dryness,  soothe inflammation and help heal the skin. Chamomile is an amazing antiseptic and antibiotic properties and does not let biotic infections (infections due to biotic factors such as bacteria, fungi, etc. -- develop). 


Ingredients: Roman Chamomile EO, Neem Oil, Candelilla wax, Cocos nucifera, Calendula officinalis, Lavender EO


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Mystic Flower Salve Yoni Balm
Mystic Flower Salve Yoni Balm